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This Wiki is designed as a tool to facilitate the NILA (Nebraska International Languages Association) Mentoring Program. The primary goal of the program is to retain and support world language teachers new to the profession.
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“When veterans and novices work together in a nurturing relationship, each gets something of real value from the other. Veterans gain energy; novices gain inspiration. Isolation fades, connection flourishes, pain turns into wisdom –a joyful wisdom that makes the difficulties in our work endurable and keeps both veteran and novice coming back for more.” “A tale of two children,” by David Shoemaker, Phi Delta Kappan, February 2003 (Vol. 84, No. 6).

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  • November - Check out the "classroom management" section for ideas. What is the rationale behind the established classroom procedures and routines?

  • December - What went well during first semester? What would I like to do differently for second semester? How will I implement these changes?

  • January - Mentoring Relationship Rubric: Please visit the following website and evaluate the mentoring relationship for the first semester: What did we do well? How could we improve? http://www.washoe.k12.nv.us/docs/staff/mentor-teach/Mentoring_Relationship_Self-Assessment.pdf

  • February - What strategies or tools did I use for classroom assessment? Did the assessments reflect what the students learned?

  • March - What communicative activities have I used this month? How have these activities impacted my student's ability to speak in the target language?

  • April - What resources will I request for next year?

  • May - What went well this year? What professional goal(s) will I set for next year?

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